Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Said You Could Grow Up??

It's official. My son no longer says "Yeyyo". Sad mommy. I've had so much fun singing The E-Man's greatest hits including "We all live in a yeyyo submarine", and the line from Coldplay (I think) that goes: "and it was all yeyyo-o".

Happily, the following vocabulary is still in full effect:

Bofe - (there's TWO of 'em!)

Benember - as in "benember to look bofe ways before you cross the street"

Disposedto - as in "benember you're disposedto eat your vegetables"

Paff - as in "We ourselves must walk the paff.” (Buddha, through the mouth of The E-Man)

The Lizard Abazz - is it a new black power character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series?? No! It's a cult movie starring Judy Garland!

Muncheekins - the little guys who sing "the lollipop man" song from The Lizard Abazz

There are more, many more, which I plan to document obsessively before they become "estink" (like the dinosaurs).

Tell me, Fooplets, what are your favorite kid words??


SciFi Dad said...

peecuz - as in, "I need a snack peecuz I'm hungry."

wurt (now estink) - the place I go every weekday

brudder - what she will have come October

baff - what she takes every night before bed

bzybead said...

The boy (now 26 years old) that I used to babysit would say "my mom will be bery bery angry with you". That is how he tried to coerce me into doing things for him like getting him a glass of red juice in a big striped cup warmed up. yup.

jakelliesmom said...

That thing in the kitchen where we keep the food cold - that's the refrigelator.

And that thing where I type and we watch videos on YouTube, that's the onkuter.

When she wants a drink, she's very, very sirsty.

The sad day for me was when those striped animals at the zoo were no longer beezas.

foop said...

These are all making me very happy. :)

jakelliesmom reminded me of two of my favorites:

leggy, pink bird = FINGO

place where we go to see "films" = THE MOVIE COMPUTER

and this just popped to mind, his... er... manhood = MY NAKED

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Lello (the color you described about)
Fank you (you're welcome!)
I ate you! (boy am I mad at you!)
Let me Dough! (during a diaper change)

And, I can't explain how he says "Smoothie Popsicle" but it is a garbled mess!

Procrastamom said...

My first daughter used to say "obie-domos" when she saw the golden arches. It was a culmination of her favourite song -Old MacDonald - and the restaurant. Sixteen years later, my husband and I still call it obie-domos.

Don Mills Diva said...

I love it when my son says Howbout? As in Howbout candy mommy? Howbout french fries mommy? It's so cute I give in to his requests far too often!

flutter said...

My niece used to say

"haffaboudapeenybuttah asamwich?"

How about a peanut butter sandwich?


ackermonie and chiss

macaroni and cheese :) Kids are freakin cute

The Woman Formerly Known as Jenn said...

Aww, these are so cute! Foop, you posted a flamingo translation that's very close to what my daughter used to say, which was Flingo. It makes me sad that she grew out of that :-(.

However, I still get 'nakkie' (naked) and stores are called by their purpose, not their names, as in The Movie Store for Blockbuster, The Tool Store for Home Depot, etc.

Kids are adorable little buggers. It's the only thing saving mine from becoming estink, lol.

Blazing Goddess said...

My kids would say:
Sanks- Thanks
Nuck- Milk
Mackercheese- Mac-n-cheese

My nephew says:
PioPaaa-Peter Pan
Hugabed- hide-a-bed

These people slay me!

foop said...

I just met a woman at Little Gym whose daugter refers to a certain creeping flower as "honeysnuckles".


The Super Bongo said...

I have a friend whose child's nick name is also "bongo" . . . but having two bongos in their lives makes for confusion. So, I was dubed "the other bongo" in their home, only the child can't say "the other" clearly and I am now "nutter bongo."

That's about right.