Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My mom and her husband are coming to visit. My mom, being of the same ineffable (read, "often confounding and occasionally intolerable") stock as me, equivocated until the last minute and then announced, yesterday, that, yes indeed, they were going to arrive Thursday evening. Well, maybe Wednesday, but probably Thursday.

Oh my oh my.

1) My house is SO not where I want it to be to receive visitors, and B) as I have previously mentioned, I'm a bit anal.

I made A List.

It was an ambitious list. It was a comprehensive list. It was the list of someone who has no idea how long it takes to shampoo a carpet or finish painting a bedroom.

It was a list that was doomed from the beginning. The rug that was going to be shampooed was Carpet Fresh-ed. Mop the hallway? Please.

At approximately 10:52 on Wednesday evening, the list was wadded up and tossed in a trash can.

Ooh - I need to empty all the trash cans...


flutter said...

Commence the trash emptying, forthwith

hele said...

I've resorted to screwing out light bulbs. Candles are so much kinder to dusty corners ;)

bzybead said...

enjoy the numa cooking!

Oh, The Joys said...


Shania said...

I have lists of lists. They end up where yours did!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I usually start a list, put it somewhere, lose it, then start another one with different items on it. I end up with four partial lists and no idea what I need to get done in total.

Hope your visit goes well. And, I agree with hele---low lighting is a very good thing.