Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night, before we went to bed, Vitamin E and I held hands, squeezed our eyes shut, and made a wish for the Mayor .

After E fell asleep, I just stayed there watching him, trying to imagine how The Mayor's parents must feel, thinking about the universal joy and anguish of parenting, and feeling both raw and grateful.

Long before I had even considered becoming a mother, a friend of mine told me that having a child was like taking your heart out of your chest, putting it into the body of this little thing and watching it run around all over the place. I had no idea how spot on he was.

So today I'm wishing that the Mayor will be able to go home, safe and sound, with his parents' hearts.


Oh, The Joys said...

Thanks, my friend. He is doing much better today. He's loving his little hospital gown and the way his booty hangs out of it. He is enjoying watching endless movies - something not allowed at home. He likes room service. He's looking forward to getting rid of the head bandage and the IV. We're waiting for our discharge which will be delivered soon we hope.